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Seth Manlove


How Get Low Illumination and "SLIM" started:


           Get Low Illumination was built on my crazy love for lighting design at a very young age. When living in Los Angeles for many years, I was able to learn how to create different product designs with award winning art directors of photo, movie and commercial shoots. Assisting in lighting set-up for these productions helped my knowledge of light spill with many different styles of illumination.  When moving back East, I took these skills and created my own lane in the lighting genre. Influences from different coasts and great mentors helped me create "Slim", and many designs to come.

         Slim is the only accent lamp in the world under 10" that uses a back lit film for its lamp shade. Mix the K3 ultra chrome inks into the formula and the results are simply unbelievable.  It really is a prefect size to put anywhere in your home and illuminate your life in so many different ways!


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